When An Omega Loves Chapter Eight Part Two

Muse for Bryce

Jaivon stood and stretched rubbing his jaws. “What’s the name of the hotel we’re staying at tonight?”

“Hotel Vesuvio,” Bryce answered standing up. “They car will pick us up from the hotel and take us to Capri Island tomorrow.”

He nodded getting their bags from the overhead compartment. He looked up when the door to the cockpit opens and Mario walked out.

Fuck the man’s sexy.

“So I was thinking,” Mario started. “Since you two are here for vacation why don’t I let you two go ahead and enjoy all that Italy have to offer and then when we get back to Rhode Island we’ll hook up.”

Is he serious? Jaivon looked at Bryce who was probably thinking this same thing he was. “Do you expect us to agree with that?” he asked the omega.

“I just figured. . .”

“Look we get it, you need time to process what’s happening and frankly we do too. But I’m not. . .no make that we aren’t going to let this sit until we get back home. Where are you staying tonight?”

“We usually stay at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, and since I was only filling in for someone I was planning on going home in two days.”

Jaivon can smell the partial lie rolling off the man in waves. “What a coincidence we’re spending one night at the Vesuvio before heading to Capri in the morning. Have dinner with us?”

“Wait don’t you think we are moving too fast?”

“You gotta eat right?” Bryce asked.

“Well, yeah but . . .”

“It’s just dinner little one, not a marriage proposal. Although I hope that happens later on down the road.”

He looked between them again. “So you’re the one that’s in charge, huh?”

“In charge of what?” Bryce asked.

“He’s the one that dictates every aspect of your life. I thought you were both alphas?”

Bryce snorted and Jaivon chuckled.

“You’ll find out sweetheart, that in this relationship no one is incharge. We do what we want but always together,” Bryce told him.

“So dinner tonight?”

“You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?”

“Only when you mean it,” Jaivon responded.

* * * *

“Captain,” Simone said getting Mario’s attention.

He looked at her over his shoulder. “What is it?”

“We’ve been given permission to exit the plane.”

“Thank you.” He looked back at the brothers. “I don’t want to feel like a third wheel.”

“You won’t,” Bryce told him. “How about this? We have a car waiting for us and since we are going to the same hotel, share it with us. We can start getting to know each other now.”

Mario let out a breath seeing that they weren’t taking no for an answer. Perhaps it was a good idea just to get things over with. After all he was the one that came up with the whole getting to know them thing.

Why can’t I just let them fuck me and we all go our separate ways?

Because there’s no fuck ‘em and leave em when it comes to mates.

Mario answered his own damn question.

“Okay,” he answered finally. “Let me get my things and we can go.” He turned and was about to walked away when Bryce spoke.

“Don’t you have pilot things things to do? We can wait if you do.”  

Shit, I can already tell who speaking without looking at them. This is not fucking good.

“Ah, yeah, I do,” he said hoping this would by him sometime.

“Captain, I’ve taken care of all the landing checks. The company we use to clean will be here in an hour and we are all set.”

Mario narrowed his eyes at her and he didn’t miss the smirk on her lips. Bitch, he mentally cursed. She snorted and shook her head as if knowing what he was thinking.

“I guess you’re free to ride with us?” Jaivon said behind him feeling the man’s hot breath on the nape of his neck.

He turned and bumped into a wall of muscles his gaze slowly moved up and connected with dark brown that resembled a pool of hot chocolate. “Um. . .” he said suddenly lost for words. Wait what the fuck, I always have something to say. Back the fuck up! He screamed or thought he did. He was suddenly distracted by a scent that had his brain short circuiting. Lips were moving but no sound was coming out of them. “Huh?” He heard himself say.

“I said we need to get off before the car we ordered leaves.”

“Car? What car?”

“The one waiting to take us to the hotel.”


“Are you okay?” Jaivon asked.

No, I feel like I’m drowning being this close to you. He wanted to say. Instead he stepped back putting space and air between them. He turned and hurried off to get his bags. Yeah, this whole friends thing is going to test every ounce of my strength. He wanted to look back but didn’t.

Jaivon was right. They might look a like but they were different in so many ways and he’d only spend a plane ride with them.

How the hell am I going to handle a simple dinner?


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