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Brothers Bryce and Jaivon are due for a vacation in Capri Italy


Gia and I have created a board for our inspirations for the story. On this board are the settings, characters, and eventually, we’ll post music we’ve listened to for this story.

We hope you’ll want to read it after looking at the sext muses for this book!


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When An Omega Loves – Chapter One

Inspiration for Mario

What happens when a bossy Omega meets with not one, but two of his alphas? And oh, they just happen to be brothers!

Mario DePena isn’t having it. Read on for our ongoing story When An Omega Loves. 


“Mom, I really don’t have much time to visit this week. I’ve been busy with work.” Mario pushed the print button on his laptop.

Mario heard Mother number one, Lolla sigh through his earplug speakers. “Mario…” She started to speaking in Italian which meant he’d be in huge trouble with Momma number two, Daphne.

Mario grimaced and bit his bottom lip. “Mom, pre favor, mi dispiace. I promise you I’ll

Mario Mom 2 Lolla - Omega
Inspiration for Lolla

make it out there to the west coast to see you guys and Jesse real soon. Getting this company off the ground has taken up a lot of my time.”

“Mario, do not give me that,” she yelled, sounding furious. “It is off the ground. It’s been off the ground for three years now. You’re rich and still single. I thought when you became famous, you’d settle down and find a partner?”

“For crying out loud, Mom,” Mario growled. He lifted his arm and eyed his watch. Mario cursed under his breath, just low enough so Momma Lolla wouldn’t hear him. She hated when he swore.

“In due time, okay? Business waits for no one. Not even young omegas who are ready to mate.” Mario shrugged. He really wasn’t ready to settle down with anyone or anything, but a cold beer and a willing ass on occasion.  Granted the ones he tended to sleep with were omegas and betas. Just once he would love to top an alpha.

“Fine.” Momma Lola sounded as if she was frustrated by Mario’s answer. “One day, someone should come and sweep you off your feet, Mario. Jesse is out looking, why aren’t you?”

“Jesse is probably a lot nicer than me,” Mario said smiling. Jessie also wants to desperately find a mate. He adjusted the earpiece so he could fix his tie. “Momma, I need to go, okay? I’ve got urgent business to attend to.” Mario really didn’t, but he didn’t wish to be bothered with Lolla’s cries for him to be mated.

“You do, hmm? Right. Well, make sure you call me back when you get a free moment, all right? If you find anyone, I want to be the first one to hear about it.”

“Yes, ma’am. I love you, Momma.” Mario had his hand on the disconnect button.

“Love you too, son. Remember what I said.”

“I sure will. Yes, bye.” Mario tapped the button and leaned back in the chair, breathing a huge sigh of relief. He pulled the plugs from his ears and stared at the ceiling of his home office.

“One day, I suppose.” Mario blew raspberries. He wasn’t exactly sure what would happen on that day.

Would he find an alpha who was willing to be topped by an omega? That so didn’t happen in this generation or any other. Hell he had a kinky fantasy of fucking and being fucked by two alphas at the same time before he decide to settle down with anyone. Alphas were naturally the top dogs while the omegas were seen as only a baby making machine. In his opinion. Sure alphas and omegas were destined to be mates, but why was it only the omega’s duty to get pregnant. He hated the set societal hierarchy of alphas, betas, and omegas. Alphas were seen as the protectors, they were the bosses and entrepreneurs that owned fortune 500 companies. Alpha’s were revered for their strength and were flawlessly handsome. Betas had an even better standing even though there was nothing special about them. They could be anything they want and had no societal responsibilities. They could mate with whoever they chose and were not required to have children.  

Mario was an omega and at times he really hated being born one. He disliked that he had to depend on suppressants to slow his heat that he’d suffer through every month. Sometimes the suppressants didn’t work as quickly as he would like and had to find a willing beta who could fuck him through the mattress until his heat subsided.  He didn’t dare fuck an alpha during is heat cycle for fear they might turn out to be his mate.

Ugh, I fucking hate that shit.

Mother Lolla didn’t seem to understand why Mario hated being an omega. She’d always told him it was a gift. One he should treasure more than anything. It meant he would be able to get pregnant and have children someday for his desired man. He wanted kids sure, but why was he the one that had to get pregnant. He was truly terrified of the whole concept, but a part of him did desire that sometime down the line. He scowled in distaste at the thought of a small person growing inside of him, changing his slender frame to something that might resembled a beach whale.

Hell no it’s never going to happen. I’ll pay someone else to carry the kid. It might not make his mother happy but at least she will get the grandkid she and Mama Daphne always wanted him to have.  

If he was willing to find a mate and have kids it couldn’t happen now, not when Capri Charters was on the up and up. He was among an elite set of omegas that were CEO’s of their own company. They were slowly breaking the rules of societal hierarchy. Their goal is to break the dark age of thinking that omegas are only meant for one thing. The amount of business they’d generated in this short span of time was more than enough to keep Mario and anyone in his lineage, financially secure. He’d already taken care of his mother and Jesse, setting them up in a huge mansion on the west coast. For his best friend, Marko, he’d given him enough cash to start his own restaurant business. With so much going on, why would Mario need to settle down?

Why wasn’t jumping from bed to bed and enjoying sex enough?

Because that’s so empty!

Mario’s subconscious spoke to him and he sat up straight in the chair. He had to get himself out of this fog so he could look over the financial reports that he planned to present to the board of directors in less than thirty minutes. They were looking to expand and build another headquarters in Europe. Of course, that would mean more time in the office, and less time for anything personal. The thought of finding a mate and starting a family was nowhere on his radar.

So much for making Momma Lolla happy.

Mario shrugged, knowing he’d get read the riot act again. Momma would just have to understand, his desire to succeed was bigger than his desire to mate.

Mario was young. He had an eternity.  They were not immortal race, but they do live a very long time. He’d read stories of omgas getting pregnant in their late fifties.

Why rush into something he wasn’t totally on board with?

After the meeting’s conclusion, Mario headed back to his condominium in the better part of Providence, Rhode Island. Mario loved the low key atmosphere of this East Coast town, especially the Victorian style house as opposed to New York’s brownstones that were so close together your neighbor could probably hear your every thought. If he ever decide to find his mate and settle down, he would build a Victorian style home to fit his taste. Though Mario loved to be flashy in some things, he preferred his home to be in an area less pretentious. Sure he was famous, but not being able to walk out his door without being hounded by paparazzi types bugged him.

Once he arrived at Parkway Hills, Mario drove in through the gated portion on the side to his assigned parking spot. He shifted his gear into park and pushed the button on the ignition. For this particular building, the parking was worked into the condo fees so he didn’t have to put his Porsche on the street. Although this was a nice neighborhood, it didn’t mean Mario was comfortable leaving his one of a kind, Cayman just anywhere. People sped down this block all the time, and because it was just outside of the downtown area, it was always busily with cars.

Once he pushed the button on the fob, he walked to the rear of the building. He plucked his key from his pocket, and shoved it into the lock to open it.

“Good evening, Sir.”

“Hi Jensen.” Mario nodded at the doorman, walking through the spacious lobby on his way to the wall of mailboxes. He pushed his key into number 201 and grabbed the mail out.

“Nothing but junk.” Mario rolled his eyes and slapped it closed. “Nite, Jensen. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night, Mario. Sleep well.” Jensen tipped his cap.

Mario smiled and turned the corner for the elevators. He pressed the button and the elevator opened within seconds. Mario tapped P2 and the glass elevator zoomed up to one of the higher floors. When it came to a complete stop, the doors opened, leading the way to the solitary unit on this floor. His.

Walking over plush grey carpet, Mario stepped up to his door. He lifted his wallet from his pocket and waved it over the sensor, leading to the walkway of his home. The lights came alive as he walked, until he arrived to his living room which was bathed in all natural tones.

“Ahh home.” Mario was still mesmerized by the look of it. Soft browns and greys. All the furniture from the sofas, chairs, dinette set all matched the walls earthy colors. He picked up the remote to turn on the big screen television which sat on one wall, and pushed another to control the blinds, covering the panoramic view of the city. Having a penthouse, he could almost see through the clouds.

Many would say a place like this was built for an alpha and in Mario’s heart, he was one. He’d purchased it without anyone’s help. He was proud of that fact, and even when he decided to finally settle, Mario would make sure to not let the alpha forget it.

As he loosened his tie, Mario headed into the kitchen. More lights illuminated while he walked and before he knew it, his granite countertops and stainless steel appliances greeted him. He pulled the tie off and dropped it on the counter, closest to the fridge. When he opened it, he cocked an eyebrow, wondering about the leftovers from last nights’ takeout. He hadn’t gone grocery shopping and although Jensen had offered to send one of the building staff to do it for him, Mario refused. He was very picky with his food and didn’t wish for anyone to grab it for him. When he shopped it was usually simple things that could be made with little to no use of the stove or microwavable.

Cooking wasn’t one of his strong suits.

Pulling the carton our the fridge, Mario put it under his nose. He figured it to be edible, so he placed it in the microwave. He pushed the timer, then walked away from it to make his way to the bedroom.

Mario's friend Marko - Alpha
Inspiration for Mario’s friend, Marko

As Mario turned the corner, his phone rang an old school rap song he’d selected for his best friend, Marko. He pulled his phone from his leather jacket pocket and smiled. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much, man. I was on my way home, but I figured I’d stop by before I turned in for the night.”

“Only on one condition.” Mario removed his jacket with one hand while trying to hold on to his iPhone. “You got food?”

“I do have some leftovers from tonight’s feast, yeah. Are you saying you’re hungry?”

“Yep. I could eat a horse right now. The Chinese I have warming isn’t all that appetizing.” Mario dropped his jacket in the chair closest to his bed.

“All right, will do. I got plenty.”

“Sweet. Then I can toss out that friend rice,” Mario said with a laugh. “Just text me and I’ll let you in.”


“See you in a bit then.”


Mario disconnected after Marko agreed. He dropped his cell on the bed and began peeling of his uniform. Though he hardly ever flew any of the planes himself, he was still in uniform, because it looked so snazzy.

Mario was trained by a family friend to be a pilot at age fourteen, and never wanted to do anything else. The uniform made him feel a sense of pride too. What better way to represent your company than wearing the outfit that symbolized Capri Charters.

Despite his affinity for the suit with gold wings on the shoulders, Mario loved his sweats and t-shirts a lot better. He pulled a set out the drawers and put them on. When he finished, he slipped his feet into his sandals, grabbed his cell, and walked back to the kitchen.

The food had been done for a while, so Mario took it out and pitched it in the garbage. It was good, but Marko’s version of a home cooked meal would be better. Mario’s mouth watered thinking about the food Marko had cooked. The man was an ace in the kitchen. Even better, he was Mario’s downstairs neighbor, meaning he wouldn’t be far away. Being friends had it’s special set of benefits and one of them was living in the same building.

Marko texted saying he was at the door. Mario ambled through his hallway to the foyer and unlocked it.

“Hey there.”

Mario smiled at Marko then dropped his gaze to the bag. “What’s in there?”

“Roasted lamb, potatoes with gravy, broccoli spears with s side of cheese sauce–”

“Say no more, man. Gimme!” Mario grabbed the bag which was still somewhat hot.

“Uh right.” Marko laughed and closed the door behind him. “I suppose you really are hungry.”

“Yeah. Momma Lolla talked my ear off earlier.”

“Oh? About?”

“Mating of course,” Mario yelled back.

“Well, it is about time for you to settle and find prince charming.”

“Ugh. Why? I mean, can’t I sleep with the prince then find another along the way?” Mario emptied one of the styrofoam containers onto a plate.

“You can, but Lolla and Daphne want you to find Mr. Right. I do too actually. So does, Al.”

“Yeah, yeah. You and Al are blissfully happy and I should follow suit, right?” Mario smirked as he placed the plate inside the microwave. It was only lukewarm, so he figured a minute should make it hot enough to eat.

“Yes you should. We’re about ready to try for a baby too. My little bundle needs someone to play with.”

“They’ll be waiting a while,” Mario singsonged, pulling the plate out when it dinged.

“Oh c’mon, Mario. You’re not getting any younger.” Marko’s voice was in the same room with him now.

Mario looked up at Marko’s concerned eyes and shrugged. “I’m not old as dust yet. I got time.”

“Dude. The prime of an omega is between twenty and thirty. You’re twenty-eight.”

“So I am. Like I said, not old as dirt, but not fresh out the womb either.” Mario popped a piece of broccoli in his mouth.

“No, but time is a wasting, man. I’m ready to get Al pregnant now and he’s ready too. He stopped taking his suppressants last week.”

“I’m happy for both of you.”

“Mario…” Marko groused and plopped in the seat next to him.

Mario inched away and shook his head. “No pressure to mate, okay? I get enough of that from Momma Lolla. I’m telling you, it’ll happen, but not before I get this company where it needs to be.”

Marko sighed aloud. “It already is, but I’ll tell you, when the urge comes it won’t stop until it grabs you.”

“Oh I know. I go through this monthly, remember?”

“Yeah, I do. And isn’t it almost time now?”

“Don’t freaking remind me.” Mario growled and swallowed a piece of meat. He wouldn’t be losing his appetite because his friend wanted to remind him about the finer points of being an omega.

Marko laughed. “You really should’ve been an alpha because you have the temperment of one.”

“Well, I wasn’t so I suppose I’ll have to deal. You aren’t eating?”

“Nah, I had enough of it. I’m gonna go. Al is waiting on me.”

Mario nodded at Marko. “Okay. You kids have fun and don’t make so much noise the next time you decide to have sex in the elevator.”

“What? You…”

Mario laughed and ducked the hand flying in his direction. “Yeah, I heard and so did the whole damn building.”

“I doubt that seriously. Night man,” Marko laughed.