When An Omega Loves Chapter Eight Part Two

Muse for Bryce

Jaivon stood and stretched rubbing his jaws. “What’s the name of the hotel we’re staying at tonight?”

“Hotel Vesuvio,” Bryce answered standing up. “They car will pick us up from the hotel and take us to Capri Island tomorrow.”

He nodded getting their bags from the overhead compartment. He looked up when the door to the cockpit opens and Mario walked out.

Fuck the man’s sexy.

“So I was thinking,” Mario started. “Since you two are here for vacation why don’t I let you two go ahead and enjoy all that Italy have to offer and then when we get back to Rhode Island we’ll hook up.”

Is he serious? Jaivon looked at Bryce who was probably thinking this same thing he was. “Do you expect us to agree with that?” he asked the omega.

“I just figured. . .”

“Look we get it, you need time to process what’s happening and frankly we do too. But I’m not. . .no make that we aren’t going to let this sit until we get back home. Where are you staying tonight?”

“We usually stay at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, and since I was only filling in for someone I was planning on going home in two days.”

Jaivon can smell the partial lie rolling off the man in waves. “What a coincidence we’re spending one night at the Vesuvio before heading to Capri in the morning. Have dinner with us?”

“Wait don’t you think we are moving too fast?”

“You gotta eat right?” Bryce asked.

“Well, yeah but . . .”

“It’s just dinner little one, not a marriage proposal. Although I hope that happens later on down the road.”

He looked between them again. “So you’re the one that’s in charge, huh?”

“In charge of what?” Bryce asked.

“He’s the one that dictates every aspect of your life. I thought you were both alphas?”

Bryce snorted and Jaivon chuckled.

“You’ll find out sweetheart, that in this relationship no one is incharge. We do what we want but always together,” Bryce told him.

“So dinner tonight?”

“You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?”

“Only when you mean it,” Jaivon responded.

* * * *

“Captain,” Simone said getting Mario’s attention.

He looked at her over his shoulder. “What is it?”

“We’ve been given permission to exit the plane.”

“Thank you.” He looked back at the brothers. “I don’t want to feel like a third wheel.”

“You won’t,” Bryce told him. “How about this? We have a car waiting for us and since we are going to the same hotel, share it with us. We can start getting to know each other now.”

Mario let out a breath seeing that they weren’t taking no for an answer. Perhaps it was a good idea just to get things over with. After all he was the one that came up with the whole getting to know them thing.

Why can’t I just let them fuck me and we all go our separate ways?

Because there’s no fuck ‘em and leave em when it comes to mates.

Mario answered his own damn question.

“Okay,” he answered finally. “Let me get my things and we can go.” He turned and was about to walked away when Bryce spoke.

“Don’t you have pilot things things to do? We can wait if you do.”  

Shit, I can already tell who speaking without looking at them. This is not fucking good.

“Ah, yeah, I do,” he said hoping this would by him sometime.

“Captain, I’ve taken care of all the landing checks. The company we use to clean will be here in an hour and we are all set.”

Mario narrowed his eyes at her and he didn’t miss the smirk on her lips. Bitch, he mentally cursed. She snorted and shook her head as if knowing what he was thinking.

“I guess you’re free to ride with us?” Jaivon said behind him feeling the man’s hot breath on the nape of his neck.

He turned and bumped into a wall of muscles his gaze slowly moved up and connected with dark brown that resembled a pool of hot chocolate. “Um. . .” he said suddenly lost for words. Wait what the fuck, I always have something to say. Back the fuck up! He screamed or thought he did. He was suddenly distracted by a scent that had his brain short circuiting. Lips were moving but no sound was coming out of them. “Huh?” He heard himself say.

“I said we need to get off before the car we ordered leaves.”

“Car? What car?”

“The one waiting to take us to the hotel.”


“Are you okay?” Jaivon asked.

No, I feel like I’m drowning being this close to you. He wanted to say. Instead he stepped back putting space and air between them. He turned and hurried off to get his bags. Yeah, this whole friends thing is going to test every ounce of my strength. He wanted to look back but didn’t.

Jaivon was right. They might look a like but they were different in so many ways and he’d only spend a plane ride with them.

How the hell am I going to handle a simple dinner?


When An Omega Loves Chapter Eight – Part One

Mario unknowingly flies the two alphas to their destination

Chapter Eight

Mario left the brothers alone and went back to the cockpit. The quicker the better because anymore time spent around those two wouldn’t be good for his stress levels or his groin. Admittedly, watching the Bryce and Jaivon aroused him more than anything. Still, he had to cool it so he wouldn’t give in, especially being in heat. He didn’t want another mistake he’d later regret.

More than that, Mario couldn’t understand why he allowed them to get close when he clearly didn’t want them there. He had hate in his eyes, much like he did with Edward. Then, Bryce spoke softly, urging him to calm down. Making Mario believe he was truly in his corner. Mario relented, as if the past mistakes with Edward hadn’t happened. How could he let them in when he vowed to himself he’d never fall for an alpha ever again.

Stupid Mario!

Mario mentally cursed and headed inside. He glared at Simone as if to say don’t even think about asking anything, then plopped down in the chair. Unfortunately, Mario was drenched from head to toe. Good thing they’d be landing so he could find the nearest drug store to grab suppressants and move on with his life. Hopefully he wouldn’t bump into the brothers again this whole entire trip.

Although he’d mentioned being friends, that was the furthest thing from his mind. Despite what he said, he couldn’t be in the same room with these men let alone in a friendly situation. Bottom line, he was better off alone and had resolved years ago after he lost his child, he would not be taken advantage of again.

Mario had his life all set.

Damn if he needed not one, but two alphas to come along and fuck up his good thing.

They were better off without him. That was clear.

Bryce and Jaivon didn’t require a third. The two of them had something special all their own.

Simone cleared her throat. “This is your co-pilot, Simone speaking. We’ll be landing in the next twenty minutes or so. Sunny skies, with temps in the low eighties await us. Hope you brought your swimming trunks, because this is perfect sunbathing weather right here. Please put on your seat belts and prepare to land. Crew, please take your seats as well. Thank you.” Simone pushed the button and eyed Mario.


Simone cocked an eyebrow, pursing her lips. “You’re welcome. Hope you make it to the drug store in time.”

“Oh I will.” Mario took hold of the controls, to begin the plane’s descent. “No worries there. The moment we touch down, I’m running there on foot if I have to.”

Simone chuckled and shrugged. “Or you can find some at the hotel. Plenty of them have some on hand in the convenience stores.”

“Only like two, though. I might need more.” Mario glanced out the smaller window to the side, eyeing the small homes and cars. Then the beach, full of white sand, next to clear blue water.

Too bad he couldn’t dive in right now.

“Ah, right.” Simone’s voice broke him out of his haze. “You sure you don’t wanna…”

“Nope. Let’s land this plane, Simone. We need to concentrate.” Mario cut her off and turned his attention to the glass in front of him. The signals from the tower were visible. He was ready to complete the perfect landing as he’d done plenty of times before.

“Yes, sir.” She only grunted.

Mario twisted his lips and held the lever steady. He pressed a couple of buttons, making the wheels appear from underneath the plane.

“C’mon, baby. Easy now.” Mario cooed to the inanimate object. He’d always done that to give himself the confidence and he honestly felt it helped the aircraft also.

In moments, the plane bumped the ground slightly.

Mario pushed the brakes to slow down. He began to taxi when he noticed the air traffic controller give the signals.

Mario flipped his mic to the front of his mouth. “Ciao e benvenuto a Napoli. We hope you enjoyed flying with Capri Charters and will choose us again soon. You all have a great day.” He moved the mic and continued to turn the wheel.

“Good job, as always, Captain.” Simone patted his shoulder.

Mario flinched a little, but didn’t lose sight of what he had to do. “Thanks.”

Now to find a fucking drug store and take a shower!

When An Omega Loves – Chapter Seven Part Two

Bryce DePenna - Alpha  Eight Grade Teacher

Here’s the second part of Chapter Seven!

Bryce knew he should move and give Mario some space, but he had a feeling if he and Jaivon let the man go back to the cockpit they will never get a chance to talk to him. Bryce felt if he didn’t say something at that moment Mario would get the feeling that and Jaivon would be seen as his last alpha. Against his better judgement he stepped closer to Mario crowding his space. Fear registered in his eyes but he didn’t push him away. Slowly he reached up and gently cupped Mario’s warm cheeks lifting his face to meet his. This time he didn’t flinch and welcomed his touch.

“I don’t know what you were thinking about a few minutes ago, but we aren’t like the other other alpha’s you’ve met.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that same shit before. That’s what he told me,” Mario growled.

“We aren’t him,” he whispered. “We aren’t going to leave you to suffer alone. From this day forward you belong to us.”

“I. . .”

“Shh. . .little omega,” he said gently silencing him. “I can feel your pain and wish there was some way we could make you stop hurting. You don’t have to tell us what happened but know that when you are ready to talk we will listen without judgement.”

“We will,” Jaivon said coming to stand beside them but not too close. They were both large in size and height and did not want to scare Mario anymore than he already did.

“Are you two serious? I don’t want or need mates.”

“How long are you going to keep lying to yourself?” Jaivon asked. “Our bond is already forming and you can feel it.”

“He’s right,” Bryce added. “I need to confess something to you.”

“What?” Mario snapped.

“I never wanted an omega mate.”

Mario’s eyes widened. “Then why the fuck are you trying so hard to mate with me?” He tried to pull his face away but Bryce wouldn’t let him.

“Stop fighting,” he ordered using his alpha voice and instantly Mario stopped moving. “I’m not just trying to get you to mate with us. I want you with us for life because we need you as much as you need us.”

“It’s against the law for two alphas to be mates,” Mario said smugly.

“Fuck the law,” Jaivon said. “Do you think we care what others say. We are brothers in love with each other and now that we’ve found our third you think I’m going to let the law come between us?”

“I suppose you don’t care.” Mario released a shaky breath, still staring hard at the two of them. Although he didn’t look afraid anymore, he appeared unconvinced of the brother’s sincerity. “Look, I’m sorry for snapping, but you need to understand that roughing me up, grasping me like you own me, won’t work. Not now, probably not ever because I’m not the one to be abused ever again. Got me?”

“Give us a chance to get to know you and you us,” Jaivon continued. “We might look a like but trust me we are quite different.”

He didn’t need to turn around to see if his brother was smiling he could hear it in his brother’s voice. Bryce smiled himself and he could almost see a smile tugging on Mario’s lips even if his eyes said something different. Bryce leaned forward as he brought Mario’s head down and kissed him on his forehead. He felt the slight gasp of breath on his chest. He was about to step back when hands grabbed his shirt stopping him. He looked back at Jaivon surprised at the quick change.

“I’m not saying I’m ready for the both of you to fuck me and bite the nape of my neck. I doubt I will ever be ready for that.” He looked up and looked between both of them. “But I can at least try to get to know you guys as friends. Nothing else, got me.” This time he Bryce stepped back and Mario’s fingers slid down his shirt brushing against his cock.

Sneaky little shit. Bryce though as he chuckled. Friends right let’s see how long that last.

“So do I get to kiss you on the forehead too?” Jaivon asked.

Mario looked at Bryce to see if his brother was serious. He gave him a shoulder shrug.

“I guess,” Mario answered sighing. “But don’t try anything funny or I’ll kill your ass. I’ve taken down bigger guys than you two.”

Jaivon licked his lips then smiled in a way that always made Bryce’s cock stand at attention instantly. “Trust me little one, when I kiss you for real I’ll be the one taking you down.”

“Does that shit work on him?” Mario pointed at Bryce.

“I don’t know why don’t you ask him?”

Bryce could feel Mario’s eyes on him, but he only had eyes for his brother.

“I guess your corny lines work on him,” Mario whispered.

Bryce watched at Jaivon reached out and wrapped a hand around Mario’s waist pulling him close. “Soon they will work on you too.” And as promised he gently kissed the omega on his forehead then stepped back and swaggered to his seat as if he’d done something spectacular.

“You two aren’t going to make this friend thing easy are you?”

“Should we?” Bryce asked as he walked over and straddled  on Jaivon’s lap smashing their lips together moaning tasting a tiny bit of blood.

He heard Mario’s huff behind him but couldn’t look away. As always Jaivon had him trapped in one of his kisses that made him want to get fucked right then and there no matter who was watching.

When An Omega Loves – Chapter Seven Part One

Jaivon and Bryce realize they need an Omega to balance them and have kids, but they also love one anotherHope you’re still following along. Here is chapter seven part one. 

Mario glanced down at Bryce’s hand on his arm. Immediately, he struggled to pull away but Bryce wasn’t letting go.

“Get your hands off me!” Mario said through gritted teeth. Sweat poured from his brow and he gasped for air. It was as if he were being pulled under in a current, or…

* * * *

“Let me go or I’ll…” Mario growled, yanking his arm away from his baby’s father. It was too bad he’d gotten pregnant by this jerk, but that’s what happened after Mario forgot to take his suppressants. He’d been studying for a test and spaced on it before having sex with Edward. Next thing he knew, he was carrying the fucker’s child. Such bum luck, especially when Mario was trying to improve himself to move away from Edward for good.

“You’ll what, little dirty Omega? You’re nothing! Even more so with that bastard child you’re carrying. You know it’s not mine! You’ve been sleeping around with anything and everything in this neighborhood and you know it!”

“No, I haven’t, Edward! Stop saying those hurtful things!” Mario continued to push Edward off him, with little success. With such a large stomach, he couldn’t really defend himself. Regardless however, he was going to have this baby, even if it was without Edward’s help.

“Hurtful? You should be used to it by now! Omegas are nothing but wimps!”  Edward pushed Mario deliberately in the stomach. So hard it made him fall to the floor.

Mario grimaced, feeling the baby kick in response. Whatever gender it was, it was a fighter just like him. “No! You fucking bastard! Stop it, I said! You’re hurting me and my child!” He held his hands in front of his belly.

Edward stalked over and before he could stomp on Mario, Mario grabbed a glass from the sink and hurled it at Edward.

“Ahh!” It hit Edward in the leg and he limped away, screaming like a banshee. “You fucking bitch! I’ll ruin you!”

Mario held his abdomen, feeling the baby moving frantically. He knew something was wrong. He had to get to a hospital before it was too late. Now, though he had to get away from Edward, or else he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

“You fucking Omega, I’ll…”

Mario grabbed a knife and held it in front of him. “I’ll stab you if you come anywhere near me! Now go. You don’t want me? Fine, I’ll have this damn baby alone!”

Edward held his hands up, eyes twitching. “Baby. c’mon. I won’t hurt you. Just gimme the knife. Come on!”

“Leave Edward! I swear, I will kill you! Get out of here now!”  

“Okay!” Edward backed up, his hands still in front of him. “I’ll leave you alone. For now…” He left the kitchen.

Mario still held the knife, fearing the asshole would come back. However, right when he felt a sudden pain surge through his abdomen he fell to his knees, dropping the blade. “Oh God. My poor baby. Please hang in there little guy or girl. I… I need to get to a hospital!” Mario struggled to get to the cordless phone. When he finally did, he lifted the receiver and dialed 911.

“Hello? I need an ambulance please. Please quickly. My baby and I are in trouble!”

* * * *

Mario continued looking down at Bryce’s arm, wavering on his feet. “Let me go or I’ll kill you. I swear to gods I will!” Mario heaved air in and out. He finally jerked his arm away, staring at Bryce as if he were a target in front of a bull. “I don’t know who the fuck you think you are grabbing on me like that?”

Both brother’s held their hands up in surrender and for a second he saw Edward standing in front of him bringing up more bad memories. The torment he went through the days that followed after he’d lost the baby. The fake love and adoration Edward displayed in front of the nurses and doctors and the vile words whispered to him when no one was looking. They’d called Edward against his wishes because at the time the laws hadn’t changed taking away all rights away from omegas who were registered once they found their mates. He felt shackled then and he did not want to be shackled now. He was finally free to live his life his way and did not plan on going back to being bound by not one but two alphas.


When An Omega Loves – Chapter Six Part Two

Part Two

Bryce DePenna - Alpha  Eight Grade Teacher

Here’s the next part. We’re excited to see where it goes from here!

“Okay why are you smiling?” Bryce asked Javion.

“I don’t feel it.”

“Feel what?”

“Jealous,” he said. “We found our mate and it’s something I’ve been dreading for so long. I thought I would have hated him from the second I saw him. But. . .”

“You want him,” Jaivon finished for him.

“Yeah, I want to protect him Jay. He’s hurting and refuse to see it. He lost his child and I don’t think he’s truly dealt with what he was feeling. Did you notice he got turned on by our kiss?”

“Yes, I smelled his arousal. And I felt it too, he’s still hurting. So, how do we do this?”

“As a teacher I would have the parents, counselor, and the kid all come in and see me. But right now I’m at a loss on how to help our mate.”

“I like the sound of that,” Javion said to him.


“Our mate, it sounds good hearing you say that.”

“It felt good saying it. We’re going to help him, Jay. I just need to figure out how.”

“You know he’s going to bolt the second we get to Italy.”

Bryce sighed and slouched down in his seat. “Yeah, I know. But what if we don’t let him.”

“Please, tell me we’re not going to kidnap our mate.”

“Nope,” Bryce said smiling as he formulated a plan.

“So what are you thinking?”

“Well, he’ll need to make sure we enjoyed our flight right. It’s proper for the captain to speak with his passengers. What if we talk the young lady into making the omega believe we’ve already deboard the plane.”

Jaivon was quiet for a few minutes rubbing his chin looking off into space. It made Bryce smile wider. Ever since they were kids Jaivon did that gesture whenever he was thinking hard about something.

“It’s a bit sneaky, but I want to change one thing.”

“Okay, I’m listening.”

“Why wait until we get to Italy?  Let’s do it now.”

“What are you thinking?” Jaivon smiled and it sent a plausible shiver down his spine.

“Miss,” he said calling to the flight attendant.

“Yes, sir, is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes, I would like to speak with your captain. We have a few discrepancies we would like to discuss with him.”

Her eyes widened. “Have. . .have I done something wrong.”

“No, of course not, your service is immaculate. We have an issue with your captain.”

She looked between both him and Jaivon and he got the feeling she didn’t believe them.

“He’s right, you are doing a wonderful job. But there are a few things we need to speak with your captain about. Do you mind getting him for us?”

She stood there for a few seconds before nodding and then went to the cockpit.

“So your plan is we deal with this now and not later?”

“Yup, this way he can’t run away from us.”

“I like the way you think, brother.”

He was about to kiss his lover but stopped when their mates’ voice reached his ear.

“Whatever you two are up to it won’t work. I know the job my co-pilot and I are doing is above par. So what the fuck do you two want?”

They both turned and observed him, and Bryce’s heart went out to the omega. He looked as if he was about to jump out of his skin.

“Such crass language from such pretty lips,” Bryce heard himself say. But he didn’t regret it not from the trembling of the omegas lips.

“Have you eaten?” Jaivon asked.

“What?” Mario said.

“I said have you eaten?”

Mario looked between them, he wasn’t expecting to ask.

“No,” Mario answered.

“Good, then have dinner with us.”

“When? Now?”

“Yes,” Jaivon said.

“No,” Mario responded. “I don’t want to be anywhere near either one of you.”

Jaivon chuckled as he got up and walked. . . no prowled over to the omega. “Everything in me is holding me back from pulling you into my arms and claiming you.”

“So you’re both like any other alpha, going off your basic instinct?”

“Only when we’re in bed,” Bryce said standing up and joining his brother.

There’s that shiver again. The closer he got to Mario the sweeter the man smelled.

“We will never take anyone against their will,” Bryce told him.

“Only me.”

“Not even you. All we want is a chance to get to know you like a normal couple,” Jaivon told him.

“But we’re not normal,” Mario corrected.

“Says who?” Bryce asked. “Does it bother you that we’re brothers?” He knew it didn’t but he wanted to hear the words from the omegas lips.

“It doesn’t,” he whispered. His cheeks colored a bit and Bryce thought it was cute.

“Is it because I’m in love with Jaivon?”

“That’s part of it,” Mario answered.

“And what’s the other?” Jaivon asked.

“You’re both alphas,” he said running his fingers through his sweat soaked hair.

All Bryce wanted to do was pull him in his arms and comfort him.

“I’ve heard of alphas, betas, and omegas being together. Or an alpha with two omegas. But I’ve never heard of two alphas with one omega. I. . . I need to. . .”

He turned to open the cockpit door and Bryce acted quickly. “I’m sorry little omega, I can’t let you run from us not now, not ever. Before this plane lands you will belong to us.”

When An Omega Loves – Chapter Six Part One

Chapter Six
It had been a couple of hours since Mario returned from meeting the alphas, his entire body was still on fire. Watching the alpha brothers kiss was so hot that he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He cursed himself countless times in the past few hours for forgetting his suppressants. He body was going through heat in the worse way.
The image of Bryce and Javion’s lips were joined together in a passionate embrace flashed in his mind. His cock got hard thinking of their boldness. They didn’t care who was around to watch them during their heated display. They’d certainly made their point clear just how close they were.
Two alpha’s together and in love. Do they fuck each other?
All those years of denying his heat, Mario’s body was going out of control. He was having a hard time controlling the plane. It didn’t help that he had an erection, sweat soaking his hair and through his clothes. He was so thirsty he felt as if he could drink the body of water he was flying over. It was hard to concentrate when the hot as fuck kiss played on a loop, in slow motion and at regular speed. Either way it was maddening.
Shit, I need to calm the fuck down, before I lose control of the plane putting all of us in danger.
Why the fuck did I tell them about, that fucking bastard? Mario had no intention of telling Bryce and Javion about his former alpha who’d caused him to lose his baby. I still haven’t told my parents.
He’d gotten overly emotional like the typical omega. When he’d promised himself never to be anything typical. It was as if he needed to give them a reason why he didn’t want to mate with them or anyone else. After leaving Edward he’d built a wall of cement around himself. He didn’t need to be recused from the emotional trauma of losing his child. He’d dealt with it alone and put the past completely behind him. Secretly he took a sick pleasure in their reaction, after hearing about Edward. He could tell they wanted get off the plane find Edward and break him apart. But there was nothing to be broken since he was buried six feet under. To that second Mario had wished he knew who had done that good deed, but he’d never know because it happened well after he left the west coast.
“Mario? You okay? Do you need me to takeover the flying duties again?”
“No,” Mario said through gritted teeth. “I got this. I’m just thinking about some stupid shit.”
“Like what? Maybe I can help.”
“It’s not anything you need to worry about.”
“Are you sure? You already know what a good listener I am?” He heard the lightness in her voice as she tried to dispel the tension that rose in the cockpit, due to his attitude.
“Fuck, woman leave me alone. You’re treating me like some baby. I’m not a fucking weakling.”
“Hey, hold up, I didn’t say you were, but clearly you are not okay,” she yelled. “Go to the damn bathroom and get yourself together.”
“You’re not my fucking alpha, Simone so lay the fuckoff.”
“I know that asshole and I’m not trying to be. But right now it seems you need to be treated like the very omegas you dislike.”
Mario grimaced and grumbled under his breath. Though Simone was an alpha, he tried his best to resist her commanding voice. She hadn’t put the emphasis on him stopping, so he kept on. “I got this, all right? I’m the boss of this fucking company and I’m more than capable of handling this plane and my own personal shit.”
“You aren’t! And who said anything about personal stuff?”
Mario didn’t answer and it was as if he gave her the opening to figure things out. “Oh shit.”
“You found your mate? One of them is your mate.”
“Please, Simone drop it.”
“I will not, you’re hiding in here because you don’t want to deal with your shit. I thought you said neither one of them was your mates?”
“They’re not.” Mario held the levers so tight, his knuckles turned white. Sweat poured from his forehead, down to his cheeks and chin, giving it a shine. “Fuck.”
“Yeah, exactly. Go calm yourself, Mario,” she growled. “Now!”
“Dammit.” Mario got up from the Captain’s chair and walked to the back of the cockpit. No way was he going back out to the passenger area. Javion and Bryce again, knowing how aroused he was by their display. There was no telling what he might see. After that kiss he could imagine how hot they are in bed.
Their tongues fully intertwined, bodies hard for one another… sweaty beautiful bodies grinding against each other, moaning and panting.  His cock was harder the more he thought about them being together and both men turning their combined passion onto him.
“Mario? I thought I told you to go to the bathroom?”
“I’m not going back out there. At least I’m off the controls, okay? Just hurry up and get us to Italy so I can find the nearest doctor to get suppressants.”
“Right,” she said sarcastically, taking the mic in hand. “This is your Co-Captain Simone, telling you we will be arriving in Italy within the hour. We are coming up on more turbulence, so please stay in your seats when I flick the light on. Thank you.
Thoroughly exhausted, Mario leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. He’d already had four bottles of water but none of it was enough to quench his thirst.
Bryce and Javion, on top of one another, sharing kisses, touching, jerking each other off…
Mario shook his head to get out of the lusty haze. He had to stop dreaming about something he’d never see again. He wasn’t going to let himself get trapped again. He’d been there done that. He was now a sex’em and leave’em kind of omega. No kids or mates for him. He had his business and he was happy, he didn’t need a mate or mates to complete him. He had a good life and wanted to keep it that way.
He wasn’t going to take time to get to know the brothers, no matter how good looking they were. He didn’t want to know their likes and dislikes, he didn’t care. Bottom line, the three of them weren’t compatible and because of his past, he never wanted to go through the mess of being involved like that with someone again.

When An Omega Loves – Chapter Five Part 2

Jaivon DePenna - Alpha   Owner of JB Fitness Centers
(Model for Javion at left)
“Did we just get rejected?” Jaivon asked his brother who was way to calm for his liking. 
“In a way I think we did.”
“Why are you so fucking calm?” Jaivon snapped.
“I’m not, but I’m also dealing with a bit of guilt,” Bryce told him.
“What kind of guilt?”
“You know I never wanted us to find our mate, I love you so much the thought of seeing you in another man’s arms hurts me so deep I was willing to ignore everything I felt the second we got on the plane.  But hearing his story, even though I think there’s more to it, I can’t help but feel ashamed of wanting to hate him before we even met him.”
Jaivon dropped down in his seat and wrapped an arm around Bryce. He needed to calm down and think things through rationally. He never thought that a trip planned for him and his brother/lover would have turned out the way it did. The one thing he feared didn’t happen, he wouldn’t be losing his brother to anyone since the omega was both their mate. He and Bryce get to stay together. What fucking luck?
“I’ve told you before I won’t let anyone come between us.”
“Yeah, but I have to admit for a second I was scared that you would have walked away from what we have together.”
Jaivon leaned his head back on the head rest and closed his eyes. “Would you believe me if I said I was scared you were the one I thought would push me out of the way to get to the omega. He raised his head and looked at Bryce. “He is your type after all.”
“He is, but. . . “
“But what?”
“You are as well.” Bryce reached up and gently touch his cheek. Their lips met in the middle for a quick kiss just as the attendant came over to them.
“Gentlemen I’m about to serve dinner, would you like to clean up before I get started?”
“Yeah,” they said together as they separating from each other. 
Jaivon got up and Bryce remain seated. “Hey, everything is going to be all right.”
“How are you so sure?”
Jaivon kneeled in front of him. “Because the fates have a way of fucking shit up only for the outcome to be the way we want things to go.”
“Yeah, well they need to give me the fucking manual so I know what the hell to do next.”
“Where’s the fun in that? If we knew what’s going to happen next then life would be boring.”
“I hope you’re right this time.”
“I am, we just need to give him time to get to know us, and to get to know him. We knew things were going to be a bit difficult with the two of us already being together. He was hurt and it hardened his heart, but he needs and wants to be loved. I can hear it in his voice he’s just scared to try again.”
Jaivon couldn’t blame the little omega, to go through what he did would close off anyone’s heart to the prospect of having a mate. Jaivon stood and kissed Bryce on his forehead before going to the bathroom to clean up. He meant everything that he told his brother. Mario needed time to get to know them and realize they were nothing like his previous mate. Jaivon only hope he could hold off before attacking the the sexy omega and becoming the very mate he ran away from.